The Daily Record decided to wheel out and absolute nobody for a rent-a-quote style article on their website on Monday evening.

The article – billed as an exclusive – has former Ibrox player Maurice Ross calling Celtic striker Giakoumakis classless over comments he made about believing Celtic will win the championship.

This is the same Maurice Ross who was dismissed from his coaching role down south for racist language – something he fessed up to – and was reported by the Daily Record at the time.

The fact this paper is choosing to deal with Maurice after this is disappointing. But to use him to brand anyone classless for an over exuberant comment about how good he thinks his team is bizarre.

“A wee bit of humility and a wee bit of respect would be a better way of going about your business.” Ross told the Record.

“But there’s no doubt this will be used as fuel by that Rangers squad.

“Celtic are a good side, as are Rangers, so this title race is going to go to the wire.

“I think it will come down to the two remaining Old Firm matches if I’m honest.

“But as for those comments, that’s a lack of class if you ask me.”

These headlines, quotes and articles are designed to garner hits and have Celtic fans up in arms over what Maurice said.

We’re not up in arms, we are pointing out how classless the Record have been in this case and how desperate they look rolling out someone who really is so far removed from the Scottish game and who has admitted to using racist language.

Fans have been quick to point this out to the paper online.

For the record [no pun intended], Giakoumakis claiming Celtic will win the championship shouldn’t have been something he should’ve said outwardly. It’s not the way Ange Postecoglou likes to do business. I’d be surprised if Ange hasn’t had a word.

I wonder who’ll be rolled out next.


  1. Don’t have to rely on his auld fitba club doing anything to stop Geo and his Hoopped topped cronies. As they died in 2011 and were buried in 2012 by Craig Whyte. Liquidation does that to people.


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