Celtic fans had to endure a frustrating night at St Mirren Park – only taking a point from the tie.

The talk before the game was about St Mirren being depleted but in the end Celtic we’re sporting more fringe players than the home side.


We didn’t even manage to have Joe Hart in goals. No Kyogo, no fit striker and playing a B team winger in Owen Moffat.

Our squad depth has caught up with us in a massive way.

One man who is getting a lot of the backlash for the performance in Paisley this evening is Mikey Johnstone. The winger hasn’t looked right since coming back from his latest injury. It was a frustrating night for the winger again who had lots of the balls but did very little with it.

These Celtic fans have been reacting to the academy star’s performance.

The Hoops have a game against St Johnston in Perth on Boxing Day before the winter break. It’s a must-win to make sure they’re only six points behind in the league before the restart in mid Jan.


  1. Unfortunately I must agree Johnston brings nothing to celtic team goes through most first half’s staying wide passing the ball square or back after halftime takes fullback on few times nothing ever comes from his involvement in most games,hate to say this but would be very happy not too ever see him in another celtic team

  2. A winger that can’t cross,a winger that never goes to the byline a square or backwards pass is like watching last season again…No more than a squad player…ffs nightmare last night.

  3. If we do bring in Maeda (and others), then I would put Johnston out on loan to Hibs or Aberdeen and give him his last chance to see if he can sharpen up his game like Christie, CalMac, Ajmer, etc. If after a year or so we can see definite improvement, bring him back, otherwise, he has to go. Whether it’s because of injuries or whatever, the guy just hasn’t reached his potential and is just a passenger we can without. I’d rather see Henderson or Montgomery play there until Jota is back than give Johnston anymore goes


  4. Mikey Johnston is on Aberdeen or Hearts standard, nowhere near the quality level for Celtic but Abada hasn’t exactly produced what’s expected either.

    Recent performances against bottom half of the league teams indicates a severe lack of penetration and imagination in that team when Kyogo, Jota or both ain’t playing – serious £ investments required in January. This is a £40 million season with automatic Champions League qualification at the end of it.


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