SKY SPORTS have updated Celtic’s fixture against St Johnstone to a Friday evening kick off.

However, if Celtic make the Europa League play off, this tie would likely be 24 hours after the play off tie.



1 October: Play-offs
2 October: Group stage draw, Nyon
22 October: Group stage, Matchday 1
29 October: Group stage, Matchday 2

This means either UEFA are planning on games being played earlier in the week, which would have to be a Tuesday in Celtic’s case or Sky have not checked their fixture list properly and will have to move the St Johnstone game to the Sunday.

Celtic have dropped down to the Europa qualifiers and have one more tie to play before they get to the play off, they obviously have to get their first but if they do, one of the fixture dates will have to be moved.

It appears football is making things up as it goes along this season. There’s very little structure to things and kick off dates and times are changed more regularly closer to a tie. With tv companies not having to accommodate the supporters getting to the grounds they have carte blanche to do what they like.

We’ll keep to up to date with what’s going on, as we say, there’s a qualifier before the playoffs which will have to be negotiated.


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