LEIGH GRIFFITHS has hit back after the media tried to land some sort of sectarian charge at the player’s door.

Leigh ‘liked’ a tweet by accident while scrawling through twitter on Wednesday night after a thumping 5-0 win.

One tweet used an unsavoury term and it popped up in Leigh’s likes, prompting the media to seek out sectarian charities for comment.

Leigh set the record straight on social media.

The absolute need to try and pull the player down at any juncture is pretty telling.

We’re positive his tweet now will go ignored as some froth at the mouth.

Misdirected anger and pain at its worst.

Leigh played his part in the 5-0 drubbing of Hearts even though he and Eddy didn’t manage to get on the scoresheet.

The bhoys were in scintillating form, especially in the second half and were more than good value for their win.



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