CHRIS SUTTON has stuck the boot into Alfredo Morelos after his Hamden Cup final display where he effectively lost the game for his side.

If Fraser Forster is getting the plaudits for winning Celtic that game, Alfredo has to be rightfully named the man who lost it for the Ibrox side.

There’s not a Celtic fan out there who believes Celtic were anywhere near good enough on the but they got the job done.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Chris Sutton believed Edouard came on and changed the game for the bhoys and made the stinging comment that had Edouard wearing a blue jersey – He would have helped himself to at least a hat-trick.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Writing in his Cup final verdict for RecordSport, the Englishman wrote:

“Then we have Alfredo Morelos –just how many chances does he need to score against Celtic?

“If Edouard had been wearing a Light Blue shirt then he’d have helped himself to a

“Worryingly, there were also moments in the game when the old Alfredo was back and he was losing the plot.”

Celtic won their tenth domestic trophy in a row at their Glasgow rivals expense – reducing their players to tears and sending half of Hampden home absolutely deflated.

Sometimes results like that are all the more sweeter.


  1. Seeing some Sevco players in tears,Made the Win just Sooo sweet.Our Bhoy The Wall was just absolutely sublime between the sticks.HH Big Guy.Your now Officially a Celtic Legend.Since Sevco were Formed and Founded by Charles Big Anz Greene they’ve won One Trophy.The One The Only ‘Petrofac Cup’

  2. The sevco latest trick is the “tag team” trick. Two Sevco tw@ts combine to get a free foul or even a penalty. We saw it yesterday when Taverier deliberately pushed Mikey into the back of moreorless who his the floor in the penalty box. His problem is he’s never finely tuned how to DIVE, muppet. This guy gives thugs a good name. He is the lowest form of CHEAT there is.
    Airfield is another lowlife, gobbling off at every incident. Just another cloggers. Thinks he’s something special. Airfield, you’re a DUFFER. Taxi for Arfileld. .


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