Celtic TV has just released their own footage of yesterday’s winning goal from the League Cup final at Hampden Park. The lack of commentary is a thing of beauty too.

There has been a lot of talk about this goal as some people clutch at straws to deflect away from the fact that they are still without a major trophy. The Bhoys, on the other hand, went up to lift their tenth trophy in a row and putting themselves into the history books.

Celtic were on the ropes yesterday for the majority of the final, the fact that they were in that position and could not be finished off says more about Rangers than Celtic. The Hoops are serial winners and it has almost come second nature.

The two teams will meet again at the end of the year and if Rangers think they will face the same Celtic team they will be disappointed. Yesterday was there best chance to wrestle a trophy from the Champions and nothing can get away from that fact.


  1. And a much clearer view of the feet off the ground, flying, shameful, tackle. But WULLIE golam have him a yella card for his gamesmanship. See what the Sfl thinkπŸ€” Yea they will agree with him and book the Hoops player for over play acting the tackle. Cun7s.


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