Do Celtic have the bottle for a title race?

That was the question posed by Sky Sports and former Celtic frontman Craig Beattie outside Celtic Park today as they queried if a team who have won the last eight titles and three consecutive trebles have the bottle for a title fight? You’re having a laugh, surely.

Beattie waffled on about head to heads and whatever else popped into his head as he stood freezing down the bottom of the Celtic way and I’ve never really seen somebody say so much without saying much at all.

How a team who have won so much would be questioned about their bottle is really quite extraordinary. This is a team who have gone into knockout cup games knowing the other side is gunning for them, desperate to stop their trophy-laden run but still coming out on top. A team who went a goal down during the treble treble cup final and didn’t even blink.

However, this is the question put to viewers and users of social media today.

We’re glad to see these Celtic fans treated the question with the contempt it deserved.


  1. Did Celtic have the bottle to win the Scottish Cup final v Aberdeen and secure the invincible treble after going behind ?
    How about coming from behind twice against Lazio,or clinching a treble treble despite the upheaval caused by Rodgers bailing out…all but written off going to Ibrox with relatively no support ? Do you want any more Beattie ?
    Yet another spoutmouth pretending to be an expert.
    Why don’t these arseholes just come out and simply say they’re sick of Celtic winning everything and want to us fall ?
    Spineless half-witted bastards.


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