Celtic’s Head of Youth Development Chris McCart opened up about Celtic’s world-class youngster, Karamoko Dembele after the coach made an appearance on Radio Clyde.

With McCart playing a massive role in the youngster’s development he gave some insight into how Dembele is progressing and where Brendan Rodgers sees him going.

The talented midfielder has been an online sensation with many football fans since the age of thirteen. His tricky feet and dazzling skills have many people talking, and it also had Celtic fans wondering if they could even hold on to the player.

Thankfully, the player signed a contract with the club in December; his first professional contract which should see him go from reserve star to first-team player before Dembele reaches the end of this deal.

There’s no doubt Karamoko is a special talent and McCart gives a good indication as to why he is so good. The head youth coach also said the club had learned lessons from Islam Feruz and how his exit from the club was handled.

The youngster was training and looked the part for Celtic when Chelsea came in and pinched the player. It turned out afterwards the player’s attitude was never going to allow him to make a first-team appearance.

With Dembele it’s different – the player seems humble and hard working.

“Karamoko has always been in demand from the age of nine. It’s been an incredible journey for him so far.” McCart told Radio Clyde.

“But one thing he’s got; he’s a humble boy. He knows he’s got to work hard. He’s just moved up to the reserve team at the minute.

“He’s demanding from the sports science, the medical, the coaches… can they do extra work with him. He needs to keep that attitude if he’s going to fulfil his potential.”

“We learnt a lot when Islam left to go to Chelsea. The club got well compensated for him going but we don’t want that, whether it’s millions.

“It’s about development and we want to see them go all the way to the first-team.

“We had Peter Lawwell get involved from an early stage, we had every manager get involved from an early stage.

“Brendan Rodgers actually put a five-year plan together for him.

“We’re two-and-a-half years in to that plan and more-or-less every box has been ticked, which Brendan had said to him when he met him and his family.”


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