SALZBURG BOSS MARCO ROSE has given his thoughts on his current in-demand status after the manager has been linked with two German clubs as well as Celtic in recent weeks.

Rose team dominated Brendan Rodgers’ side in the Europa League group stages, winning all their group games and getting maximum points. After the game, Rose wore a Celtic hat and scarf and applauded the fans.

Since Rodgers departure he has been high on the Celtic fans wish list for the full time role come the summer and speaking to Sky Sports Austria, the manager seems to be weighing up his options.

“I think it’s not so often in your career, that you have a lot of requests and then you have a lot of options. I know what I owe the club, and yet at some point it’s about my personal situation, about goals, about new challenges, and about making a decision,” said Rose.

Neil Lennon has taken charge until the end of the season where the board will look to appoint a new full time coach going forward.

The Irishman is still favourite at this point but it would be negligent of the board not to speak to other suitable candidates for the role.

Could Marco be back in Paradise less than a year after his team humbled Celtic in Glasgow?


  1. I really like this guy and we need a top manager if not him someone of this ilk to take us forward i like lenny but not for me, he had his chance no room for sentiment even when Treble delivered he just cant be our next manager!And please no talk of the “10” i could deliver that!! we need a man of aura a wanted progressive young manager and it aint neil HAIL HAIL TREBLE TREBLE ON THE WAY

    • All this talk about a new manager is wrong the new manager is already here it is Neil Lennon that is if he wants the job then it looks like its his,if you take a look around the world Leagues in many countries there is a dominant team some have two like it used to be here,its up to other teams to try and catch the dominant team in those Leagues same here,Celtic did not get where they are over night and it took just as much work off the field you know all the work done behind the scenes all that put together then you end up with a well-oiled machine,they have set the bar so if any one was wanting to be like or be on a par with them,then they would have to undertake £10s of millions of expenditure without guaranteed success and that would then start a tit for tat that would run in to huge financial loss for the team trying to catch up…..


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