CALLUM MCGREGOR started on the bench as Bodo/Glimt knocked Celtic out of European football. Coming on at half-time, the captain made a difference to the game, and his influence over the players was clear to see.

The midfield was much like last week, and Bodo/Glimt found it easy to run through the middle of the park, unchallenged.

Speaking after the match, live on BT Sport, the captain admitted that the team might not be at the level Europe requires.

As professionals, we have never say die attitude. You never know when you’re beat, and you can do well in all of these competitions.

That’s what we speak about when we start the season; the goals for the season are we want to try to win everything we’re in. And that’s the reality. Whether we are good enough at the level yet is another thing.

Celtic have made a lot of progress under Postecoglou so far. Domestically, the team are in a solid position and already have one trophy in the cabinet with the chance to add two more.

Next season, Celtic will be better prepared. However, the Bhoys may not be in the third their of European Football. Winning the league this season will almost guarantee Champions League Group Stage football.

Postecoglou must not think that far ahead. Winning the league is the priority, and doing so will add to his summer transfer funds to better prepare the team for the season ahead.


  1. Tonight was the 2nd time in a week we were totally humiliated, outclassed, by unknowns in Europes 3rd competition, a consolation cup if you like.
    Yet we have now become the Tartan Army, always roundly applauding the team as they perform their lap of honour, regardless of the result or performance.
    We now celebrate abject failure

  2. Think it was obvious Ange was more concerned about saving his ‘big guns’ for Sunday & our league campaign – after all if our best team couldn’t handle the Norwegians, how could we possibly expect the team selected tonight to do so. Ange did give these players a chance to show what they could do & unfortunately too many put up a very poor show. It’s early days in the team for the likes of O’Riley, Scales & Maeda who showed they have a lot to learn but senior players, Bitton & Forrest, were abysmal & showed no leadership whatsoever. That is what is most disappointing – none of these players are good enough for a Celtic team although, hopefully, there may be more to come from the new bhoys.

  3. This club/team was written off in Scotland, never mind Europe at the start of the season, yet are the only ones so far to have won anything. So, Ange’s team are improving, are further than most fans would have thought, but are clearly aware that we still need some better quality players, particularly, left side of defence and a bit of steel in the middle. But our new additions still need more time to settle in a new country, new culture and new club….maybe that’s why fans applaud what you see as abject failure Mr Bonnet !

  4. The Ange mindset tonight was the very one he said he would never entertain, a negative “we can’t win this” attitude. That shower of duds he put on the park humiliated the club again in Europe, as Ange knew they would. One thing is for sure, Ange Posticoglou was prepared to sacrifice our reputation in European competition tonight in order to strengthen the chances of domestic success – hardly the positive “we want to win every game” philosophy he claims to follow. Completely negative team selection against a Norwegian outfit that had already shown its credentials last week, it was a shocking display of negative management from Posticoglou who clearly thought his first team weren’t good enough to balance the books from last week. He bottled it on the European stage!

  5. Why is McGregor’s view ‘worrying’. To say what is glaringly obvious to all is ‘worrying’. It would be much more worrying if he had said there was no issue and Celtic are ready to fight to get into the CL and show what they can do. And as for the garbage spewed by Blackshaw above…well what can you say. Of course Ange is going to say we will approach the game in the same way and they did with a weakened side. Imagine he had fielded a full strength team and a few new injuries were the result especially in those conditions on a plastic park, the guy above would have been writing about Ange’s stupity ‘going to cost us the League’. This tournament is a piece of crap, the only club with big crowds is Celtic. No one cares about it. And we were not going to win it any way. The League is the priority. The be all and end all. It is good we are out and can focus on what is imporatnt. Hopefully across the city they will be distracted as they are delusional enough to think they could get to the final. To be honest last night is not a bad night for Celtic.

  6. The Bunnet I presume you are 85 years old and have been in a coma for 40 years awakening with Dementia. We are now ‘humiliated by European unknowns’, in your impaired mental state this has been the case for nearly 50 years. After 1980 we did not play in Europe after Christmas for over 20 years. Since 2004 we have not won away in Europe after Christmas. 44 years! with dismal results in Europe being an annual event except in the Seville year. Seville was clearly a freak season, it was certainly not the norm. I would welcome a great improvement to get us up to being amonst the 4th division clubs in Europe. This is hardly the fault of the current manager who has been in post for 8 months. Can’t polish a turd but we has been doing very well at giving it a go. And as for celebrating getting beat can I refer you to a little ditty sung by Celtic supporters for generations. ‘We’ll be there whether we win, lose or draw, what the hell do we care’. Or is it ‘We’ll be there as long as we win, and will carp and moan if we don’t’. Is getting behind the team regardless not what we do?

  7. Celtic are a team without ambition and have been for years. One good Japanese player and the rest not good enough. Goalkeeper crap. And the manager is out of his depth. When are Celtic going to stop saying it’s ok if our players are rubbish but they are good guys.

  8. I am embarrassed. C’mon Ange, sign your mate Tony Popovic for a 3 month term so he can scout a back line for us. I am at a loss as to why we can’t find a centre half that can win anything in the air. All 4 contenders are too slow get turned easily and can’t defend against crosses.

  9. The Worrying thing is we do not have the players that can come in and replace players that lose form we still have dead wood players taking a wage and doing nothing but the biggest problem is the other squad players can not even get game time when our first choice players lose form,there are around 6 to 8 players that now need moved out from Celtic at the end of this season I could see 3 maybe 4 Bodo/Glimt players i would like to sign and clear out 8 of dead wood players we have..


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