NEIL LENNON has inevitably come out and defended Celtic’s trip to Dubai during a global pandemic.

The club has been accused of reading the room wrong when it comes to the trip and should have stayed at home this January.

Instead, they had a fixture moved in order to squeeze things in rather than stay at Lennoxtown and even getting one of their extra fixtures out the way.

Neil Lennon wanted this to happen and believes the pros outweigh the cons. He thinks a large part of Celtic’s issues is the lack of team spirit and obviously promoted togetherness when they got over to Dubai.

Speaking about the trip and its benefits, Neil Lennon was clear:

“We are sure the camp will be really important for us,”

“It is the same format as previous years, obviously with one significant difference being the protocols in place for COVID, but we hope that we get the same lift from it and can go on another great run in the New Year as we did last season, that’s our real focus just now. ” Neil Lennon told SSB.

“As the club said yesterday, the camp was arranged some time ago, with the full consultation of the footballing authorities and given approval by the Scottish Government. Of course, we understand that we are in very unique and difficult times and there are now even tougher restrictions in place at home, but the camp is risk assessed and arranged in conjunction with Scottish football’s Joint Response Group.

“We have put in place all the appropriate protocols and we have undertaken the camp as we see the sporting benefits from it and hope it can do for us what it has done in the past.

“From the first day of camp yesterday and into today, the boys have been working tremendously hard as we always do on a camp which has served us so well over recent seasons. And that will be the format for the rest of the week, very tough, but productive and important sessions to get us ready for the second half of the season.”

Celtic are due back before their tie with Hibernian on Monday next week. The game was originally supposed to go ahead this weekend but due to the trip, it takes place Monday.

The bhoys could be 22 points behind in the title race before they kick off against Jack Ross’s men. Every game is a must-win for the team.


  1. NL wot a feckin joke please get yer head out yer arse and realise that people are dying and CELTIC supporters and season ticket holders are suffering do you honestly think that we want or need to see yous enjoying yourselves on a jolly that most of us could never afford and can only dream of time to wake-up or fuck off HH

  2. Sounds reasonable to me, the show must go on, so to speak.
    We must take every chance we can to continue in the competition in the chance the currants bottle it. They do have form.
    At the end of the day, we might have fckd up half a season, but we are only a couple of weeks away from becoming Nine in a Row League Champions And World Breaking Quadruple Treble Winners!
    Something no-one will ever see again!
    I think we are being conned into selling ourselves short on this.
    If it was a certain other team we would be seeing eight page full colour pull outs in every publication in the uk, including the Beano and Dandy, hour long look backs over the decade on the nation wide Beeb, with a no expense spared stem cell reanimated Jimmy Hill presenting the show in 30 installments from now till the 12 of July!
    Oh! And just guess who would be BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

    Mibbi Big Eddie should have shown some ‘respect’ to the covid sittu when taking that pen against Hearts, or are we still playing and behaving like a professional outfit, or at least trying to?


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