We all like to moan about it at the start of each season, the ridiculous qualifiers Celtic have to face every summer. This year the Bhoys got one of the shortest summer breaks from memory.

Celtic won the Treble Treble on the 25th of May and we’re back in pre-season one month later. The Hoops first competitive game came on the 9th of July this season against Sarajevo. Neil Lennon would have had to guide his team past four rounds of fixtures to qualify for the so-called Champions League group stages.

These latest stats show that Celtic can’t be beaten by any other European club when it comes to competitive UEFA games played since 2010.

Unfortunately, Celtic’s stats reflect the number of qualifiers the club have to face each season while the likes of Madrid’s stats represent the club playing in the latter stages of the competition.

With the money in football getting more ridiculous with each passing season it is uncertain when the Scottish Champions can hit the big time again. One thing is for certain though, Neil Lennon is the man to face the task after this season’s displays in Europe and he has previous.


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