CALLUM MCGREGOR will embark on his full competitive season as club captain on Tuesday evening in the club’s Champions League qualifier.

The midfielder has been with Celtic ever since he was 9 and now he’s the man who will lead the team onto the pitch and carry our hopes into the new season.

Scott Brown’s departure has left a massive vacuum that had to be filled this season. It’s not going to be an easy task to follow Broony after the success and the dominance he enjoyed as Celtic’s head bhoy.

Callum is a different type of character but he’s Celtic through and through.

Some people need reminded of this.

A timely photo emerged of the Celtic star before anyone really knew his name. Cal Mac on the sidelines as a ball bhoy watching Aiden McGeady [another Celtic academy graduate] celebrating with Jan Vennegoor of Hesslelink and Scott MacDonald.

The midfielder has been playing for Celtic since he was nine and it will be a personal and profound moment when he steps onto the turf tonight as the captain of this football club.


  1. Yeah well im Celtic through and through but that doesn’t qualify me as Celtic captain does it?

    Whether or not a player is Celtic through and through is totally irrelevant as long as he performs on the park and can inspire his teammates.

    Previous games under his captaincy do not inspire confidence I’m afraid.

  2. There’s been many a sniper who had a deadly accurate shot and were Celtic through and through, but being a captain requires more than that. I hope Cal does the business.

  3. The last guy that was Celtic through and through couldn’t wait to get out the door to arsenal . Money talks and if cal macs head gets turned then it’s bye bye.


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