According to reports in France, Nice has been ‘working overtime’ to sign Patrick Roberts on-loan and get him in before tonight’s 11pm deadline for registering players for Europe.

The Celtic target has played some of Manchester City’s pre-season but has now been told he will not feature in the squad this season.

City put the word out that the player would be available and Nice jumped at the chance to bring the player in.

There’s no word if Celtic were offered the player again, you would have to think not as Brendan Rodgers was keen to get the player back to Celtic Park.

Could the club’s pursuit of the invincible midfielder about to come to an unsatisfying end?

I can hear a collective sigh from the Celtic fans and a little bit of hope that no deal is done YET and there might not be as Nice has just announced the signing of winger Wesley Sneijder.


  1. I’m told from a very good source…that the Big Virgil transfer is the catalyst to PR coming home to us.
    BR has been promised the windfall if Virgil’s transfer goes through in time and at the “value” being touted.
    If I’m wrong ..I humbly apologise…but would ask that you don’t shoot the messenger.
    If I’m right…
    Mine’s a Glen Morangie…and a half pint Stella.
    Onwards and upwards Celtic.

  2. The second Hayes signed PR wasn’t coming back in my opinion.
    The board should have sanctioned a permanent deal, offered an amount and let City decide to keep or sell.
    Alas I think they have gone for the cheaper option again, I just hope the Hayes move pays off!

  3. Sorry to say City see him as a potential future star and will want him to gain experience in a more competitive league! He was bought for £12m and he is worth at least £15+ now and that will rise rapidly if he has a good season in France. Celtic cannot afford to buy him even if he was for sale and they can’t offer him anything in terms of development because he has spent 18 months in the Scottish league and now needs either prem football with a mid table team or top leagues in France or Spain. Celtic need to move on as he will not be coming back!

  4. Patrick would get better if came back to Celtic,more experience,more champions league,he knows the Scottish set up,it’s all yours pat.

  5. The PR (& Armstrong deal to lesser extent) revolve around Champ League group stages, if we make it there is a chance, if not … both deals are dead in water. Scot league not good enough to give experiance to PR & not exciting enough to keep Armstrong..


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