PETER GRANT has given his verdict on the Glasgow Derby set to take place down under in November. The former Celtic midfielder is against the match’s idea, stating that if he were in the position the players are in, he would have ‘cried’.

Celtic fans are against the match taking place. Supporters are keen for Ange to show his team off to Australia but are up in arms about Celtic agreeing to play a friendly against their biggest rivals.

Both sets of fans have displayed banners against the idea, but it looks like contacts have been signed, and the match will go ahead.

It will be taking place during the international break, so many key players will be in Qatar for the World Cup. This means there won’t be a full strength side.

As quoted by The Sun, Peter Grant had this to say on the match.

“It’s about financial reasons. You don’t want to dilute it in any shape or form.

Celtic and Rangers have supporters all around the world anyway. With all the Asian Cups with the Premier League, it was about trying to get supporters.

Celtic and Rangers already have those supporters. I understand about fans getting to see their teams but they could have played someone else.

“There is no such thing as a friendly and I don’t want it getting diluted.

“You don’t need to be playing Rangers on the other side of the world.

“I’d have cried if I had to play a friendly against Rangers.”

It’s hard to believe this is going ahead, but we do owe thanks to the Ibrox club for participating in Ange’s homecoming tour.


  1. Supporters and ex players talking about ‘Dilution of Derby football’ makes my skin crawl. I know such thoughts exist. Maybe if the Tennant sixes were reformed. Would they be happier?
    Time to put this chasm of bigotry to bed, link scarves, exchange tops. Celtic can still have their links, Sevco their unabated 150 years of uninterrupted football.

    What a load of pish, why of course they would sell their own grannies, if there is a coin to be made from it.


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