PETER LAWWELL has told the Celtic fans the club is looking to get two more signings over the line before the deadline next week.

There’s some ambiguity about this, with some fans asking if Rivaldo Coetzee is one of the players he’s talking about. Celtic has not confirmed the deal yet but Rivaldo’s club has – the deal is pending on a work permit being granted and we’re assuming this is the deal Lawwell is talking about.

The other deal is most definitely Patrick Roberts and the Celtic Chief Executive gave us a quick update.

“There are another couple of players we’d like to bring in and hopefully we can get them over the line.

“We are making progress with Patrick Roberts.

“There is nothing certain and we are respecting Man City’s position.”

The reason for the Patrick Roberts delay is Celtic want him on a permanent deal and are fully prepared to break their transfer record in order to do so while Manchester City would prefer a loan.


      • Bc that 30 will not b added to transfer fund it’s not FIFA 17 unfortunately you’ll probs find that a 50% of money made from last year went to investing in playing staff and the rest being put away like always the more we make the more %of the pot well get out the biscuit tin for players we probs have a transfer budget in the region of £15-20mil and we spent 4.5 ntcham ,1.3haze ,250k kundia benu (development fee)800k Ricardo coeteez plus armstrongs new contract and paddy witch will cost Evan if it’s a loan deal probs 2mil tbf it all adds up supposedly a a striker is coming in aswell though

    • I would bite the hand off Marseille if the offered us 40mil+ we could buy Roberts outright as any players we sell for that we would get a massive chunk of that money to buy right away and Mabey Evan a class act like James McCarthy Everton only want 15mil appernly last year of contract next season and he wants to leave Everton and pay six for ings from Liverpool I think that’s a stronger team than if we had dembele

  1. Regardless of who we bring in,Its An Absolute Certainty The Bhoys Are Up For The Challenge.Ntcham is a Player that will come into his own,Great Footballer.Our defence needs sorting and hopefully Roberts is Enroute back to Paradise.This is how it feels to be Celtic.Souness n Co Bitter Bitter Arsewipes…..HH HWG10IAR

  2. Not enough. Need three to five players as the ones we have are not CL standard. Anderlecht have a 7 million pound striker who signed for Everton instead of us and if repors are right would have signed for Anderlecht if Everton did not come in and offer to loan him out as soon as they signed him. Celtic willing to break their transfer record, the one that has stood for 17 years! If one thing illustrates hoe far Celtic have fallen behind even the middle and smaller clubs in Europe it is this. in a generation almost Celtic have never bought a player within 1.5 million of a Martin O’Neill signing that is 4 managers ago. You get what you pay for (or don’t pay for as the case may be!) Ntcham is a prospect. So is the South African to pitch these boys in against the top players in Europe is not just irresponsible it is suicide. But that is what the Tory scum on the board are prepared to do. And many supporters say nothing because they have the same attitude. We are now plucky wee Celtic, all the big boys like playing against us (free points anyone?), here to make up the numbers. God , when did this happen? It makes my blood boil. Can one person tell me what the money is being saved for?

    • I have to disagree completely with you, I think we have a good enough squad this season with ntcham Roberts and rivaldo coatzee to strengthen it, Brenden Rodgers knows what he is doing, if we didn’t have a good enough squad for CL then we wouldn’t be in the competition.

  3. I think we should sign Patrick Roberts no matter how much it costs, £15-20m, 4year down the line he will be worth £40 if he continues the great football,

  4. Get a grip man. 5 players ? 1st team wise Who are you specifically talking about ? how much would you need to replace them and have them sitting around in the background. DO you get what you pay for ? look at some of the stupid money that gets thrown about down South for average players and think bad or unfortunate deal would be terrible for Celtic. Newsflash – we play in Scotland.

  5. Lustig not good enough for Europe.

    Need another centre half of quality, we can’t rely on an untried 20 year old who’s never played in Scotland or Europe and is coming from a weak league – he may be good, I hope so.
    Boyata is out until September and then will need 6 games to be upto speed.

    With Roberts and what we already have he look good in midfield and as an attacking force, unfortunately teams will know they have the licence to attack us with a fair chance of scoring at present.

    With a competent defence we can get at least 7 points in this group.

  6. Same old same old. Celtic won’t spend the money. We’ve Brendan Rodgers now. The best manager since Jock Stein. And we still don’t back him. He’s brought in millions and we don’t back him. When will we ever learn. Screaming out for a top drawer experienced centre half. Let’s face it we’re not very good at defending and that will show up big time in the CL. Do we have any ambition? No. keep it respectful and keep the money flowing in. It’s what we do.

  7. With transfers in, CL money and extra season tickets sold Celtic have made over 100 million in the past 4 or 5 years. Where has it been spent? As I mentioned previously how many clubs are operating in the CL who’s biggest signings were 17 years ago. I will tell you NONE. But most Celtic supporters seem happy to make up the numbers. Personally, I am not. To be in with a chance of not being humiliated you need to invest in the team . Not prospects, however good they may seem against average teams. We play about 6-8 games a season. That is it. We play garbage every week to beat them is nothing. Last season in Europe we lost about half of our games and drew 4, winning 3 or 4. This is not good enough. The reason is we do not have the players. Who is not good enough? Do you have eyes? Gordon, Lustig, Brown, Boyata, Armstrong, Mcgregor, Griffiths and quite a few others. Dembele, Roberts have limited CL experience, having only played in the tournament with us. Ntcham and Rivaldo are prospects. Most people have never seen the South African play? Those in our team that would make a CL starting 11; Rogic, Tierney and possibly Simunovic. Investing in the team does not mean bankruptcy. We are being ripped off. Do you ever wonder why our board has been so silent on the cheating Rangers? They need them because Europe ins a bonus and without the games against them, who our board have protected from day one, to deflect from the European results. Nothing dupes the dummie like a victory against a very poor Rangers ( who are apparently dead by the way). And this Messi loves, Buffon loves us and we are the holders of the best atmosphere trophy is becoming embarrassing. Big Peter sums up how Celtic vie the CL now. What did he call it yesterday ‘Box Office’ and we ‘will do our best’. We are the equivalent of a fat kid in a race at sports day. There Celtic, have your participation sticker, it is the taking part that counts. When Rodgers was appointed he said this would not happen . There was money available for quality signings, not one or two, players to go right into the team. The first time we will hear about how unhappy Rodgers is will be when he releases a statement saying he is joining a more ambitious club. This will happen next summer, as he will view the job as pointless very soon. He has nothing to achieve in Scotland. Europe is the only challenge he has. If he is not given the tools to do his job he will get a new one.

    • Are you having a laugh? Over 5 years we have made £100 million? That’s less than the bottom team in the EPL get in prize money never mind the rest of there revenue. Even at an average wage of a mere £10k a week for a player is just over half a million a year. With 20 players in that squad you are over £10 million. Then over the 5 years with a very low average footballing wage, you are over £50 million half of that super£100 million you were on about. Then you have unfortunate things like rates, tax and lekki bills. The other staffing, stewarding and polis costs. I’m sure I could maybe have missed out another couple of million pounds worth of costs not to mention how much we must pay in win bonuses. We are never going to be anything more than making up the numbers in Europe whilst playing in this country’s league, but we will continue to punch above our weight and although my blood boils like yours, but for the recklessness of other teams and companies I’m over the moon at “how it feels to be Celtic”.
      Rant over HH

  8. Do you think if Rodgers was given the “green ” light to spend £30m he wouldn’t spend it. He would. In a heartbeat. We’ve got the money but unfortunately we don’t have the ambition. I can see what lawell is doing but the support want success now. We’ve never had a better chance but the board will hold us back. They’ll be happy with drinks in Munich and Paris. Always the case.

  9. Agree with you completely Andy. But maybe you can explain something to me, and I am being genuine here. What is Lawwell trying to do because I cannot see it at all. Every season for the past three or four Celtic should have been signing one quality European standard player. This would have meant that they would be building and strengthening to play at this level, not arrive with a team of SPL players and a lot of young prospects. Why are they keeping the vast majority of every penny earned? If the money is not to systematically build and improve what is it for? Genuine question.

    • John,i see where you are coming from regarding Lawell and the board,but my comment of “in Brendan we trust” how can you interpret that as BLIND faith?
      The preperation was started by the introduction of young in grown prospects Tierney,McGreggor and Forest who have matured into fine players with Tierney on the cusp of being World class .
      Also the purchase over the last 2/3 years of players like Boyatta and Simonovic in defence Armstrong,Rogic and Ntcham in midfield add to that Dembele,Sinclair and Griffiths up front.
      All of the above have stepped their game up a level and i see no reason why they won’t step up to the next level.
      Apart from Ntcham Brendan Rogers didn’t sign any of them but
      all ther improvement was achieved not only under Brendan, but the excellent backroom staff behind him
      This is a young team,which has already given us a treble and an invinceable season.If kept together and with more shrewd signings they can hopefully give us some European improvement too.
      Although i agree with you regarding,where has all the millions gone?
      I also see the clubs sense,of not throwing money into a market where we can’t compete.
      Now that in my eyes would be Old Co-esque which eventually turned them into Sevco.
      Our board cant and wont go do down that road,and for that at least,i applaud them. IBWT HAIL HAIL.

  10. Do you know how ridiculous things have gotten when people start praying for the return of Boyata as our CL defender. A man who was classed as a poor mans Efe Ambrose less than a year ago. ‘With a competent defence we can get 7 points from this group’. Only problem with this is we don’t have a competent defence. That blows a huge whole in this hope. A competent defence, bolstered by 2 signings before next Thursday will cost between 5-10 million pounds. Ain’t gonna happen Big Peter ‘Box Office’ has decided we will go with the South African youth and Brendan will be sent out like a little dog, to tell the ‘In Brendan we trust’ mob that everything id fine. Unless you are deranged you will not believe this as it is clearly a lie which Brendan is perpetrating on behalf of his master. The boy was a prospect according to Brendan not 7 days ago. Ever get the feeling you are being cheated?

    • All great players start off as prospects John,and most need a decent manager at worst to develop that greatness.
      I believe along with the majority of the support that we have a great manager in Rogers and he will bring us more success not only domestically,
      but on the European stage

  11. All great players start off as prospects John,and most need a decent manager at worst to develop that greatness.
    I believe along with the majority of the support that we have a great manager in Rogers and he will bring us more success not only domestically,
    but on the European stage

  12. Look it is what it is we my not be the best in team in CL but we do fight and big teams do not like coming to Paradise as they no they are going to get a fiscal game .the team we have is at the moment as good as it is going to get so just get behind them that’s all we can do and stop winging .

    • Well said. All I hear is negativity, 100 million over 5 years is litterly pocket change in comparison to even the lower placed teams get each year alone in the EPL, Spanish or Italian leagues. Our approach of buying young and wisely has got us competing with the bigger guns with massive resources, and hopefully if we can hold on to them a while longer we can have a team others look up to and respect.

  13. So the CL prices have gone up to 38 quid a ticket. Yet more cash for the Tories to keep in their over-sized biscuit tin. I am not panicking at all. I have been over this course so many times before. The board at Celtic treating the support with contempt has been a mainstay in the clubs history for over a century. And Lawwell knows if we don’t like it we can GTF. But again, no one ever answers this, what is the money for? It ain’t for players. Everything on the cheap.

  14. You guys are right the board needs to back Brendan with the cash or we’ll lose him next year after he performs miracles in Europe.Third place no problem and every chance of winning the europa cup and let the weans win the league !

  15. Celtic have to hold on to Dembele and get Roberts back. Celtic have a very good chance in the Champions league. CCOME ON THE HOOPS.

  16. I have read a lot of comments hear about new players and no progress for the short time Rodgers has been in charge he has given us back the fear factor you look at English teams in Europe they don’t play qualifying games and spend millions to try and get in to Europe and don’t make it we do need to strengthen but be patient we have come a long way in 18 month and we have respect in Europe from the top teams not many teams can say that enjoy being there you never no remember 67 and no give us a chance Hail Hail

  17. Brendan will make right signings 4 CL He is masterclass Paddy Roberts is a must to sign. I for one can see The Tic can beat PSG at Paradise as they have too many Prima Donner’s trying to be the NO.1 Player.I take the Celts to win 3-2 Cmon the Hoops


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