Celtic’s AGM will take place on Monday next week and the board will not have to face a room full of any shareholders and supporters because of the current pandemic restrictions.

Instead, everything will be done online and questions will be screened by the board with only a selection making it to the floor.

This has the recipe to be one of the most tumultuous AGMs in Celtic’s history had it been the usual in-person setup.

Now it looks like it will be diluted.

Celtic and Peter Lawwell won’t be able to dodge all the questions but there will be no surprises.

On the agenda?

  • The board continuing to go against the grain when it comes to the managerial setup.
  • There has been online rumours of Peter Lawwell announcing his retirement for the end of the season but we’ve heard nothing concrete.
  • The state of the club’s finances and if January sales will be necessary.

As usual, we will be covering what goes on during the AGM and will give you the bullet points.

It’s going to be very interesting. Especially because there’s a game against Kilmarnock on Sunday, if another loss or draw was to occur, the ill-feeling gets ramped up that little bit more.


  1. Points dropped or not, no hiding place on a Celtic board. They know how this drop in standards has affected every thing Celtic.
    And mostly their MONEY. Not their entertaiment value. With the fans, its both and a whole lot more. Put TIAR on the back burner. And question why the sudden downturn in on field first team football results????

  2. Peter (Turd) Liewell isn’t worth his weight Dog Shit.Had it easy for 9 years Filling his own bank account with Bonuses on top of his Injustified wage packet.How this Board wasn’t up in Arms with Liquidated RainJurz and there Cheating etc and Sailing Res 12 right doon the Clyde.Its all about the conveyor belt of Cash.These pricks don’t give a Toss about the support.If that New Club over in Govania Win the League.Its This Boatds Fault


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