Earlier this afternoon, it was revealed that former Celtic striker Andy Walker has been banned from Ibrox stadium and there seemed to be some suggestion that this could be the same for Celtic Park.

Reliable journalist Alison McConnell appears to have attempted to clear up the situation saying that she does not believe that is the case. However, tonight Sunsport claim it is indeed the case.

There was, of course, Neil Lennon’s rant this season targetted towards Walker. And although he was angry at the situation.

For years now, Andy Walker has been a pundit who doesn’t seem to stop badmouthing the club in a lot of scenarios.

At times, some fans have agreed with his statements this season with comments about how poor the campaign has been and the reasoning for that. But for the most part, it remained the same.

With none of Celtic’s final two games of the season being broadcast on live television on Sky at this stage, it doesn’t effect Walker.


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