There are two papers who have overnight reported Celtic are set to be crowned champions sooner rather than later as the SPFL get set to call UEFA’s bluff.

The Telegraph was the first paper to run the story on Friday evening with the paper writing:

A significant number of Scottish Professional Football League clubs are considering an option to crown Celtic as Scottish champions, to award Aberdeen the country’s spare Europa League place and proceed next season without an expansion of the SPFL Premiership, but for the winter break to be axed, for 2021-22 at least – according to soundings taken by Telegraph Sport.

RecordSport have since written their own ‘Exclusive’ on what was happening with the claim being made, SPFL bosses are angered bu UEFA interfering in league matters when weeks ago they said it would be a matter for the leagues alone.

RecordSports writes:

The SPFL are ready to call UEFA’s bluff by sticking to their guns and declaring Celtic as Premiership champs.

League bosses have reacted with ‘anger and bemusement’ to threats from Nyon to complete the domestic season – or else.

It’s understood several smaller nations are ready to throw the problem straight back at UEFA by demanding interest free loans to cover their costs until football emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

However, that is not a stance the SPFL are willing to adopt as they forge on with plans to call the season as soon as their legal advice allows, handing Celtic the title and relegating Hearts.

This would be a massive shift from UEFA’s position who want to kick the can all the way down the road.

Things don’t look like they’re getting back to normal any time soon and it’s up for league bosses to look after their own countries interests and not that of UEFA’s.

It’s astonishing they would threaten any smaller league with exclusion from a European competition because they’ve had no choice but to pull the shutters down on their season.

The leagues and UEFA should be working together and they should be there for support – it appears to be more of a dictatorship.

We’ll find out in due course if the SPFL will actually go ahead with this position in the coming days. There’s a meeting between all top flight clubs on Monday. Hearts being sent down with no league construction would be a major twist.


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