BRENDAN RODGERS has broken his silence on the Marvin Compper situation after the player spoke to a German newspaper about not getting game time at Celtic Park.

In that article, the defender was confused as to why he wasn’t getting a game and believed some of his teammates were also perplexed by it.

Rodgers spoke in the summer about having too big a squad and that some people were told they were surplus to requirements.

But the manager did say those players are on big contracts and are entitled to sit on them if they so wish.

Asked if there was any way back for Compper and his Celtic career, the Celtic manger was brutally honest.

“I’m not sure. When Marvin came to the club last year we wanted to use his experience. He was injured in that first six months.” Rodgers told Record Sport.

“I made it clear to him in the summer there were players who came in during that six months and they had jumped ahead of him.“

The Irishman is adamant he told Marvin where he stood before the summer window closed but the defender chose to sit on his contract.

“It was made clear to him if he wanted to play regularly in the last few years of his career then he’d have to move.”

It would appear that Marvin will go down as one of the worst signings in Celtic history. Not because he’s played badly, but because the money and wages spent on him to be at the club are notable and to have him sitting idle is pretty ridiculous.

Whoever scouted the defender has to answer for this one.


  1. There should also be written in any contract that after one year if any player can not make first team football then the club can tear up that contract and only pay a nominal move on fee to any player that wants to sit on his arse and take wages….

      • Derek I agree with Jackie, it should be written into every players contract that if you are out for a year with injury your no use to the club and you should move on. In the big outside world from football the DWP only pay sick pay for 13 WEEKS then your out on your arse.


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