MARVIN COMPER has taken his first step into management, being named interim manager of Russian club FC Lokomotiv.

The Brendan Rodgers’ signing left Glasgow in 2019 after a torrid time. His one appearance that lasted under 45 minutes left the defender a cult hero amongst some of the fans. Compper spent much of his time at Celtic on the sidelines with injuries, but that didn’t stop the defender from picking up a few winner’s medals.

As a match analysis, Comper joined the Russian side in the Autumn of 2021, but he has now been given the top job. Previously, he coached in Germany and appeared as a pundit on German TV.

The former manager removed himself from his position due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Markus Gisdol was fiercely opposed to.

Of course, FIFA and UEFA have banned Russian teams from participating in their competitions, including the World Cup in November. The action has been taken to condemn Putin’s war on his neighbours.


  1. Anyone who supported the invasion and bombing of the sovereign nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, by Nato and the West is a hypocrite if they criticise Putin for taking precisely the same actions.


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