RONNY DEILA has promised to go into his own pocket to help Valarenga fans get new TIFO equipment for their standing section and has only put one condition on him doing so.

The former Celtic manager is trying to build a worthy team at Valarenga and wants the fans on the sidelines doing as much as possible to get behind the team.

With that in mind, Ronny brought up the current fundraising effort the Valarenga fans are collecting and when he was told they were halfway to their goal, the Norweigan coach said he would personally cover the rest to the tune of around £15k.

However, he would do this on the condition Valarenga fans take up another 200 season tickets in the standing section – a small request to say the least.

This was obviously something Ronny didn’t have to do but he is all in with the club and wants the best possible start and good feeling around the club for their next campaign.

Ronny had a rollercoaster two-year Celtic career but one thing he did do was make a big connection with a lot of Celtic fans.

The Norweigan won trophies, gave Kieran Tierney and Callum McGregor the chance to shine among other things. He will always be remembered fondly for his efforts and passion while at the club.



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