BRENDAN RODGERS is a warm person but when it comes to the business of football he can be quite ruthless if he thinks you’re not pulling your weight or you’re not up to the task he has set you.

Case in point – the permanent transfer of Erik Sviatchenko.

There are split opinions on this transfer, many feel it was the right call while others believe the Dane had more to give in a Celtic jersey.

However, Brendan Rodgers is the only man that matters and he dropped Erik like a bad habit after a couple of mistakes. After that, the Irishman never really trusted Erik again – letting him leave on loan in January.

Speaking back in April, Erik said he wasn’t sure what exactly happened after Celtic’s invincible season but the manager seemed to go off him pretty quickly.

“I have never received or asked for an explanation about what happened to me at Celtic. I can only say that I played the first year under Brendan Rodgers, where we won virtually everything,”

“But after an injury and a mistake that cost a goal, he dropped me. It surprised me. It has been hard because at one point or another – no matter how much self-confidence you have – you begin to doubt yourself.”

Erik has plenty of great things to say about the Irishman but these comments seem to back up the ruthless nature of Rodgers managerial style at times.

Keeping players on their toes and making sure they never rest on their laurels.

Erik has gone from invincible to sold in a season – you can take nothing for granted.


  1. If Erik can go for the odd mistake then what chance has Boyata got, he played well in the Cup Final, maybe that will save his bacon. He’s made his share of mistakes and has remarked he’d like to try the EPL, lets see what will happen this summer if he’s offered an extension to his contract or not HH

  2. There was more to it than a “couple of mistakes”.
    If it was that simple we would only have Broony!
    This sale had clearly to do with attitude. Look at the likes of Boyata. While he isn’t my favourite player by any means, he has made several mistakes leading to goals against us. He was dropped, as was Craig Gordon. But they both knuckled down and won their places back.
    Brendan Rodgers is nobody’s fool, especially when he has the wrong player in place. Okay, maybe Armstrong should be gone too, but you can rest assured that if he plays the same games as he did last season, he will be passing Erik on his way out the door too.


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