We at Celtsarehere.com enjoy a good laugh, sometimes at our own expense but most of the time at other peoples.

Today, after hearing the absolutely ludicrous rumour that Robin van Persie, a man who is on upwards of 150k per week was on the verge of signing with a certain Ibrox side.

With doing no due diligence whatsoever we decided this was a bigger belter than Zlatan to Celtic, so we couldn’t resist a little wind-up.

Earlier this morning, we posted a link on our Facebook Page that suggested RVP has all but confirmed the switch to Glasgow. This lead to an absolute barrage of comments, likes and shares on our social media page.

What some may not be aware of is this link sent you straight to an article about the liquidation of Rangers 1872-2012. Many of you Celtic fans picked up on this after the initial shock of seeing the made up headline. However, many of you did not and went into meltdown, pondering how the Ibrox side was affording this.

Similarly, those cheeky Celtic fans that caught on and tagged their mates of a blue persuasion were met with taunts and jeers with some of their pals who actually believed RVP was ready to sign on the dotted line for their team. Proving there is still a real substance abuse problem in the West of Scotland.

The moral of the story is always click the link and don’t just read a headline. Especially on our social media pages.

We want to say well done to the people who did click and seen we were at the wind-up and also kudos to the Ibrox fans who took it in good banter.

To the people who can’t take a joke, who cares!

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