Celtic got a very credible draw in France on Thursday night with the bhoys unlucky not to get more from the game.

Celtic looked comfortable against their French opponents throughout the game and bar Kristofer Ajer having a moment of madness they never really threatened.

This was in contrast to the prediction our favourite Sky Sports pundit delivered during the week. A Rennes win because Celtic are ‘scared’ away from home in Europe cried Charlie Nicholas.

“They get scared when they travel away from home. They don’t know where to pitch their defence and whether to play a squeezing game or not.” Charlie told RecordSport.

“They will have technically gifted players and pace out wide, where they will look to exploit.

“Celtic still have defensive injuries and will not threaten here.”

How did that work out for you, Charlie?

We wrote earlier in the week how negative this guy could be when it comes to Celtic. It’s not only that but his misinformed patter that shows he’s clearly not keeping up to date with Celtic when he dishes out his opinions.

Celtic looked anything but scared and it was Rennes who resorted to cheating in the end to try and keep the score at 1-1.


  1. Nikolarse is a total plank. A grubby little pundit looking to be controversial by slating his old team. I am told he swans about with his usual swagger telling anyone who’ll listen to him, what he thinks. As usual, his predictions have shown him up to be the little tosspot he is. An old player trying to be something he can never rise to…knowledgeable. Back in your box whatever your name is!!!!

  2. Charlie Nickerless I’m sure he likes the sound of his own voice.Thinks he is something he really isn’t (Pundit)Anyone who takes his knowledge of Celtic seriously,Seriously needs a Reality Check.He’ll be saying Sevco are Going for 55 Next 🍀


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