It is being reported this evening that Scottish Football might just have ONE league up and running next season and if reconstruction talks can get to a vote the landscape of the game up north could change considerably.

With so many teams in the lower leagues unable to even facilitate the notion of closed-door football, any lower tiers of our game could go into hibernation until crowds are allowed back.

However, a radical plan to bring the SPFL back with a 16 league team in time for August with a major reshuffle is on the table according to SunSport.

This could mean a group of 16 teams playing out a season where the top six would split off and the bottom ten would then play each other again. There’s also talk of postponing any Glasgow Derbies until the furthest point possible in order to give the fixture the best chance of being played in front of a crowd.

Sky and how they want to deal with things will have a big say in proceedings. We just don’t know how next season will look yet and how permanent any changes could be.


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