NEW SFA supremo Ian Maxwell has dropped the bombshell that Celtic’s away allocation at Ibrox will NOT be cut in the event of the champions drawing an away tie at Ibrox in the Scottish cup.

The Ibrox board promised to cut the Celtic allocation from 8000 to just 800 next season – something they are still currently pushing ahead with.

BUT should Celtic be drawn away at Ibrox in the Cup competition then by SFA rules, Celtic would be allowed to ask for up to 20 percent of the allocation and vice versa.

“There is guidance in the rules, a minimum percentage.” Maxwell told the Record.

“It is important that supporters get a chance to go and support their team.

“The SFA rules on crowd percentage have been in place for a while and there is no desire as far as I am aware to look at them.”

There were scenes of joy last season when the Ibrox club had drawn Celtic in the Scottish Cup – should that happen before the semi finals they will not be cheering so hard.

They thought they were completely safe from a Celtic part unfolding on their own ground. It looks like there’s still an outside chance of it happening!


  1. Cutting Celtics allocation to ibrox is another sign of desperation from Dave King and his empty pockets,this is a man who is willing to destroy Scottish football for his own selfish needs,pretending to be doing what is right by the ” rangers” supporters and they stupidly as usual lap it all up.
    Celtic should remain with the status quo as regards to their allocation for Parkhead for at least a season ,firstly because we are bigger and better than them and we would show the rest of Scottish football fans that the game here is more important than tit for tat shite,secondly we don’t know if this childish action will actually ruin the atmosphere dramatically at these games yet,if it does then king will have a serious problem reversing it in the future,and Celtic would b cementing the fact that Parkhead is the best atmosphere in Scotland and beyond giving us a great advantage when dealing with TV and sponsorship deals

  2. The Lying King,Thinks he can do as he pleases…Just wondering when Rangers will be held accountable for Every past Cheating Endeavour They acted out,So after all the wind out of Kings arse,It seems there are a Few more Tim Parties at the Crumble Dome..HH…Glasgow Is Green n White


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