We reported some weeks back that Charlie Mulgrew had indeed been offered a new deal with Celtic but on reduced terms.

Many fans seen this as a formality, thinking Charlie would jump at the chance to extend his stay at the club. Officials at the club may have thought the same and now the FREE AGENT is rightly looking at his options.

This reminds me of the Jackie McNamara contract situation when they held off so long to offer the player a new deal, taking it for granted he would stay at the club and not treating it as a priority. By the time Celtic made a fair offer to Jackie he was half way down to England to sign for Glen Hoddle’s Wolves.


With the news that Sheffield Wednesday might be about to offer the utility man a fantastic deal to sign for them on a two-year-deal, Celtic and Peter Lawwell may have misread the situation just like he did with Jackie Mac all those years ago.

Charlie was brought through the Celtic youth system before being moved on by Gordon Strachan after a pre-season bust up. The player moved down south only to end up at Aberdeen where he proved his worth and earned a deal with Celtic to bring him home.

The Scottish international could be set to leave for a second time, will Celtic up their current terms or are they resigned to the player moving on?





  1. No problem, Jackie did heehaw after Celtic and so will big Chuck. Time catches up with everyone, nothing lasts forever.

  2. Was Jackie that much of a loss when he left? Injured at wolves more than fit ended up at Aberdeen. Charlie hasn’t played a lot in the last year through injury, time to say goodbye good squad player like McNamara could play anywhere but it’s time to move on. Not many players have had as much success as Charlie on their second coming and for that we applaud him go and make some money for the pension pot and good luck Mulgars.

  3. My opinion he was be missed. More bad than good was too comfortable with his situation off the park than on it,time to go time to let the dead wood float.

  4. Sorry Anton another badge kisser he was on good money at Celtic we looked after him throughout his injuries and paid him how do we get repaid by him not only him Forrest McNamara miller supposedly all good Celtic men sorry now he’s fit last pay day Pish wait he will say I made a mistake should never have left Celtic well tough HH

  5. Mulgrew not in class of McNamara, sounds like you are attempting to use this to criticise board, they not my fave people but I totally agree with them in this case. Mulgrew has been unfit for nearly 18 months and has contributed little, he had 3 great years then ordinary then injured all time, time for him to either accept his reduced wage bit part role or move on, he’s no McNamara.

  6. Mulgrew is no great loss I remember back to Legia Warsaw both games he was all over the place. It’s a good move for him so he goes with our best wishes but as I said no great loss.

  7. Celtic aren’t even asking the player to stay on the terms of his previous contract. Would any of you accept a pay cut in your work place? Sadly, it says more about Celtic Football Club than it does about Mulgrew

  8. The Celtic defence is a shambles as we saw against Red Imp. We have a guy who can fill 3 or 4 positions and is the only defender we have capable of firing a decent pass out of defence and we are quibbling over a few quid to boost Lawwell’s bonus. Charlie is not really a centre half but he is the best centre half Celtic have at the moment. As regards injuries Brendan is trying to sign Flanagan from Liverpool. He has a worse injury record than Boerrigter.

  9. I’m sorry if this comment upsets any of you bhoys, but I lost all respect for him when I took my wife and 3 children up to Paradise from Kent. We stayed for 5 days and they witnessed Paradise at it’s finest. It was worth every single penny to see their faces, they meet a lot of the players and then Mulgrew came out and totally snubbed them and even walked through the middle of us. From that day onwards he can ………

  10. We need him ! offer Charlie the same money he got last year for 2 years . He’s a Celtic Man and should be paid accordingly

  11. Not good enough for Celtic but still better than some of the other imposters at Celtic Park.Charlie has done reasonably well for Celtic but hits too many ‘Hollywood’ 60/70 yard passes that never find a Celtic player.I won’t miss him and wish some of the others would be shown the door too.

  12. Decent big player on his day but sadly not had many these past couple of seasons and best performances prob been for scotland in that time period,injurys didnt help but time to fill the sqiad with fit,hungry players so best a luck chico! HH ?


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