Shay Logan has made quite the bizarre statement ahead of the Bet Fred League Cup Final.

Celtic and Aberdeen will go head to head for the chance at the first trophy of the season and Shay Logan thinks if it comes down to ‘heart’ then there’s only going to be one winner in that scenario, and it’s not Celtic.

Speaking to the Scotsman Logan admitted while Celtic have the better players they seemingly want it more.

“Celtic might have players who are better than us, but heart-wise I doubt they have a team that has more heart than us. So we have to fight and dig in and hopefully come out with a good result.” Logan told The Scotsman.

“Any time you beat Celtic you know you have played well. Celtic are a team that have that winning mentality and they probably go into these games expecting to win.

Logan is trying to tell us there are players in our dressing room who don’t have as much desire to pick up the trophy on Sunday.

If that’s what the player genuinely believes then he’s in for a shock at Hampden.

Any of Celtic’s four cup victories since Rodgers took over have been contested and fought for by every single player on the park.

Broony and his famous huddle team talk where he proclaimed ‘No matter what, we win this f***ing game’.

The desire of the Celtic players to continue their dominance and rack up more trophies is there.

The notion because we have won so much and we expect to win puts us at a disadvantage is laughable.


  1. Why listen to a little prat like Logan? He is a piosnous little man(?) and Fry’s to the ref if someone looks at him the wrong way,but likes nothing better than to kick opponents and think nothing about it . The little midden is brain dead. ! If he thinks Celtic do not have heart, then come on Celts, show that little midden how it is done!!!. Hail Hail.

  2. Truly will be remembered for uncorroborated Racism rather than his ability, which is limited to kicking players when the ball has gone. Total waster, a nobody in a very average team. Welcome to reality Logan.


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