NEIL LENNON says he’s disappointed the Ibrox club will break from tradition and NOT give Celtic a guard of honour at Ibrox on Sunday.

The bhoys have been shown respect over the past eight years with clubs who immediately play the club after they’ve won the league giving them a guard of honour as a sign of respect.

The Rangers have decided to break from tradition, but that should be nothing new to them at this point.

Neil Lennon highlighted it would have been a classy move by the club if they had chosen to do it and if the shoe had been on the other foot the interim Celtic boss believes the bhoys would have given their Glasgow rivals the respect.

“It’s a break from tradition. I think we would have done it if the shoe had been on the other foot. But it’s not a major issue.” he told CelticTV.

“It would have been a touch of class if they did it. I’m disappointed they are not. Celtic would have done it.”

It was never going to happen with the mouth-frothing fans in their support totally against the idea of any show of respect even though Steven Gerrard refused to comment on his own feelings on the subject and passed the buck to the board.


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