Celtic really have been at the wind-up lately when it comes to things you can purchase from the shop either in-store or online.

A Celtic branded hot tub, pillow and kiltee (a teeshirt which keeps going into a kilt) to name a few!

However, the newest one will take some beating after the shop announced it has Celtic Monopoly for sale. An updated version of the game back in the day, well we say updated version but there’s one glaring admission that perhaps should have been taken out before the game went into production…or maybe it was too late!

Celtic fans caught a glimpse of the new board game on the Celtic shop social media where it shows you the box then a picture of the board. Brendan Rodgers is among the top and most expensive board choices and is in a block with Henrik Larsson AND Jimmy Johnstone.

File this under ‘too soon!’.

Neil Lennon makes the board game but he’s all away round at the other end of the board in the traditional cheaper buys! You couldn’t make it up! Celtic fans have not held back!

We understand Peter Lawwell made the rules and when you pass go you have to give him 200 smackeroonis!



  1. At this particular moment i reckon we have bigger problems. It is probably Monoppoly money that Big Pete and the Tories will try to buy players with.


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