SCOTLAND fell to perhaps the worst ever defeat in the countries history as a footballing nation on Thursday afternoon.

An amalgamation of what Scotland has become under Alex McLeish manifested itself on the pitch in Astana with a 3-0 humbling at the hands of Kazakhstan.

Bereft of hope, ideas, and players who simply don’t want to turn up for international duty all played their part in this result. You can turn that on the players but in reality, it’s the manager’s job to inspire a squad and make a cap call up mean something other than dread.

McLeish was given the Scotland job by the old boys club which is the SFA and if things weren’t depressing enough we have Rhaman Bhardwaj from STV news to hammer home what’s going on here.

How depressing is that! Unimposed Petrie will get the job and this farce will continue.

Something stinks at Hampden and with these guys driving our national team into the ground there’s no end in sight.


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