An email has surfaced online of an MSP telling a Celtic fan to stop supporting Celtic and support a local team after questions were raised about Glasgow City Councils plans to ban fans from parking near Celtic Park on match days.

According to our friends over at CQN the fan in question is Gordon, a disabled fan who hails from Newcastle and frequently visits Celtic Park on match days.

When his concerns were raised to MSP John Mason, this is his alleged response.

Yet the latest farcical episode of an attempt to make it as difficult as possible for football fans to support their team.

With proposed plans to push Celtic fans out of the perimeter of Celtic Park on matchdays, people like Gordon will struggle to make it to watch their team play.

It should also be noted that the same people who are proposing this parking restriction are doing nothing to improve transport on matchdays to offset any problems caused.

It’s okay though, we should just find a local team to support.

Absolute moron.


  1. Who is this muppet must be a bloody tory either that or one of those moronic snp members who wanted to ban singing at football grounds people who support Celtic do so because all Celtic fans the long short fat or thin gay or straight able bodied or not do so because Celtic is our local team no matter where you or how far and its in our dna our blood runs green and white
    Bet that thick msp supports sevco flaming zombie

  2. HH What are they trying to do ?? Football suppose to be a for all Especially Celtic Glasgow Family club and a Club for all Fact:I Wounder in the Name of this person ;The other thing he will have no problem in Parking where he stays. He should Resign and be fined for being to have no Consideration for all types Local people and Visitors the Away fans have got to park at the ground too ,what are they trying to do shut Park Head down by fewer supporters.What about midweek games also middle of WINTER Wee know what the weather can be like No Fun going into Stadium Socking wet and cold. Then the MP’S GET WHAT they want nobody turning up then they do not have to do anything at cost which makes them Happy no Expenditure.HH KTF

  3. Switch allegiance and support a small , local club ? Who rangers ? Sevco rangers ?
    Does this guy have a clue ?
    Maybe he’ll swap his local lodge meetings to go for a ‘ personality course ‘.
    Could Celtic create a transport system to the stadium ? it’s only for match-days after all. And while we’re on it , I’d like to think someone will reply to this clown who even suggested his ‘idea’ , and ask him to try and park his car 2 fkn miles from his house and get home after his thumb twiddling day at work , see how long he keeps that up.

  4. Nae luck Ghod. I used to stay in Haghill in Dennistoun.And used to drive to Paradise and park just down fae the Ponderosa in Borrowfield or Asda at the back of Mcdonalds and my burd (Now wife) Would assist me on my wheelchair, then elbow stick’s down to the game.So after my broken legs were repaired, I could walk down to my (And her) Seats in the Lisbon Lion’s in 417, Parking at Paradise if you had a Orange badge was allowed just around the gate from where I entered, but it was a lottery then. I no longer know if the parking is still there. Although If you get their early maybe you could Ghord. Hope you manage to find a solution.

  5. Its dead easy to sort this clown out, at the next election dont vote for the barsteward then he will be out on his ear without an opinion. GIRUH HH


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