As the death toll and confirmed Corona cases start to increase dramatically the discussion of Scotland’s league season is about to take a back seat. If Italy is to be set as a graph that other countries are to follow then the UK is in for a real shock to the system.

It was only last week we bemoaned the cancellation of the Glasgow Derby at Ibrox. Then the argument moved onto trophies, relegation and Quadtrebles. Chris Sutton was smack in the middle of all those arguments but just a week later the retired striker feels it’s time that football took a back seat as this pandemic tightens its grip.

The ex-Celt used his Record Sport column to show how his views have changed in the last week.

“If you didn’t realise the seriousness of this situation beforehand, and how little the handing out of trophies and titles really matters, the footage over the past 24 hours from the hospital ward in the Italian town of Bergamo must surely have brought it all home. It is absolutely horrendous.”

He continued

“The importance of football and sport in all of our lives is simply overpowering. Opinions, debate, supporting our team. It’s part of the fabric woven into most of our psyches. It gives us our joy and pain in equal measure and it isn’t just football which is having to sit and suffer.”

Sutton even had some sympathy for the football powers in Scotland.

“However, how on earth can you expect Ian Maxwell, Neil Doncaster or any chief 
executive in any sport to make an exact plan when there are Prime Ministers and Presidents who can’t give a definitive answer or timeline of when things will get better? They simply do not know.”

Most people around the globe who are in lockdown could do their time a lot easier if they could watch their favourite sport of team. That might seem trivial with everything that is going on around the world but sport is a huge part of people’s lives. It will play a major part in helping with this pandemic and it will play an even bigger part when the world moves into recovery mode.


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