CHRIS SUTTON has warned his former team-mate and current interim Celtic boss, Neil Lennon, that a win against The Rangers might not be the game that decides if he keeps the job in the summer but it could be a game where it decides he WON’T be getting the role if the bhoys fail on Sunday.

Neil Lennon will take charge of Celtic tomorrow in front of 60,000 fans who want to see the players do a number on their Glasgow rivals.

Sutton has praised Lennon for guiding the club through choppy waters after Brendan left but now he needs to make his mark. Celtic have had the results but not the performances under the new boss so the BT Pundit believes it’s time to turn up the style and see what Celtic can do under their interim boss.

“There are still fans who are yet to be convinced by the potential of his appointment and a limp display against Rangers won’t do anything to change that opinion. In fact, it might heighten concerns.” Sutton wrote in his RecordSport Column.

“If they lose to Rangers at home for the first time in over eight years, it’d be a major stick with which to beat him. For the purposes of staying in the post, that simply can’t happen.”

Celtic are ten points clear going into tomorrow’s game and while a draw would be more than enough there’s nobody heading to that game who wants a draw. The fans want to see a Celtic win and a convincing win.


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