Earlier tonight, there was concern around who would be Celtic’s next round opponent in the 3rd round Europa League tie, as the game between Riga and Tre Fiori was postponed.

The game had kicked off as expected but was forced into two stoppages due to the windy conditions, that were so strong they managed to smash two lights in the stands. The third stoppage, forced the referee to call of the game.

There was much speculation around what would happen with the one-legged tie, with suggestions that it could either be played tomorrow or the away side would be awarded the victory.

This evening though, it has been confirmed that the game will go ahead early tomorrow. It will take place at the same ground – the Skonto Stadium, and will kick off at 9am (8am BST).

So the hoops will find out their opponents for next weeks tie and whether they will travel to Latvia or San Marino, in time for tomorrow afternoons Europa League Play-off draw that is set to take place at 1pm.


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