We’re not half way through January yet but the inevitable has happened and our star striker Edouard has been linked with a move away from the club.

RecordSport are claiming an exclusive that former Celtic boss has made it clear he wants the a Frenchman at Leicester and is willing to pay a record breaking fee for the privilege.

Edouard has been Celtic’s top man for around 18 months and has made things happen for the team when things haven’t been going our way.

It was Brendan Rodgers who brought the striker to Celtic from PSG – initially on loan before making him Celtic’s most expensive ever signing.

RecordSport have been cozying up with Brendan Rodgers since his departure from Celtic almost a year ago and did a long form interview with the Irishman not so long ago.

If the information is correct it’s likely come straight from the horses mouth onto the Record’s back pages. The report does suggest it will be the summer before this all plays out.



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