Due to the inaction of our club there’s still no clarity as to who will be the manager next season. Even the most ardent of Neil Lennon supporter has come round to the idea that his race has been run.

With no league to chase, because it’s all over, Celtic fans have turned to the future and want the club to get the best people in place going forward.

There’s a shallow and fickle part of our support who writes off just about anyone for the Celtic job if they’re not Pep Guardiola — I get that.

However, when we posted a clip of Eddie Howe talk about management to The Coaches voice, it got a pretty strong response with overwhelming positivity. Yes, there were some descending voices; ‘what has he won’ kind of stuff. The same sort of question you could’ve asked of Brendan Rodgers before he was sworn in as Celtic boss.


316 games as a manager (3 seasons in EPL) = 46.52% win rate.

£378,229,500 spent.

1 promotion.


545 games as a manager (5 season in EPL) = 41.83% win rate.

£262,251,000 spent.

1 league win (Championship);

2 promotions.

Eddie took a Bournemouth team from nowhere in England to being at the top table for five years. His last season they were relegated, however, it was widely accepted he stayed longer than he should’ve. Successful managers and clubs have cycles and that one had run its course.

As we look out at who’s available and within our remit – Eddie Howe ticks a lot of the boxes – he’s more in tune with what modern players need and the tactical side of the game. Building teams, not pushing for individual brilliance to get by.


  1. 5 minutes ago , Neil Lennon was God. Now he is the Antichrist!! After all that he has done and now you treat him like shite??? It just shows you’re True Colours. Arses All!!!


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