Kris Boyd may have made the claim in September but his accusation about the supposed split in the Celtic dressing room just won’t go away.

The Kilmarnock striker and Sky Sports pundit claimed Celtic were in dissaray and there wasn’t obvious disharmony in the dressing room.

Fast forward to December and the hefty striker had to sit and watch his side be dismantled by a Celtic team he claimed were infighting.

A Celtic fan close to the dugout was nice enough to try and get a word with Kris about his statement but the player did not look to happy about it.

Kilmarnock started the day as league leaders but unlucky for them The Bhoys managed to stop bickering for a bit and smash five past them to return to the top of the table.

Goals from Forrest, Eddy, Lustig and Christie made it an easy and emphatic return to the top for the champions.

After all the hysteria, Kilmarnock found out what happens when talking is done on the pitch.


  1. Too funny they allow clowns like this to comment on Scottish football any football. My kid has more knowledge than I eat more pies than anyone else lol


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