Former Celtic defender Ramon Vega has given his assessment on the idea that Roy Keane is interested in becoming the next Celtic manager and the majority of fans will likely agree with his assessment.

Vega respects Keane totally as a player after such a successful career but that the club needs to go in a different direction at this stage and look towards the future more.

When reports came out suggesting that the Irishman, who of course had a spell at the Hoops in the 2005/06 season, this is probably how most felt. During his peak, he was arguably one of the best Premier League midfielders of all time.

As a manager though, he really hasn’t cut the slack at the clubs he has managed at both Sunderland and Ipswich Town.

Football feels as though it has moved on from the Roy Keane type characters. The game us much more about the tactical element that someone who shouts on the sideline.

Now don’t get me wrong, Roy Keane will know more than most when it comes to football with the level he has played at and he shows that in his punditry gig on Sky Sports. But he also hasn’t managed in 10 years.

This should be used as a fresh start for the club, moving away from the usual names that get passed about when the job becomes available.


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