UEFA have today scrapped the ‘away goal’ rule for all their competitions starting this coming season.

The Hoops are playing Midtjylland in the Second round of the Champions League in July and that game will not have the away goal rule applied.

UEFA write: “Following the recommendation of the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and the UEFA Women’s Football Committee, the UEFA Executive Committee has today approved a proposal to remove the so-called away goals rule from all UEFA club competitions (men, women and youth) as of the qualifying phases of the 2021/22 competitions.”

The long standing rule which has decided many European games over the years.

The game will now go to extra-time and penalties if it’s all square over the two legs.

This will take some getting used to and the way teams approach home and away ties.

The narrative over the years has been go and get an away goal or try not concede that away goal which could prove vital over the piece.

The psychology of the game will change in a big way going forward.

Celtic will play the Danish opposition home and away knowing they will be one of the first teams to play under the new UEFA rules.

It will be interesting to see who progresses and how. There will be plenty of teams who go out who may have benefited from the away goal in the past.


  1. UEFA fixing it again top benefit the big clubs who are more likely to deliver a tanking at home. Corrupt as they come, a shower of scum. The game’s been a bogey for years because of these swine.

  2. This could be a nightmare. What if Celtic had an away game in Kazakhstan and its a draw so extra time needs to be played then possibly penalties. Then need to travel back to Scotland, we’ll be playing even more football minutes. This is a total disaster. Will be the elite league’s that benefit…again. This was the same league’s that wanted to split from UEFA.


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