CELTIC could be just one game away from the Champions League group stage next season if plans to overhaul the qualifiers goes through.

UEFA have left nothing off the table with the Times reporting UEFA are keen to implement the following.

– Alternatively, playing a one play-off round for the Champions League involving the national champions of 12 highest-ranked countries who do not have a club already in the group stage.

This would put Celtic right in line for a play-off place and if another proposal goes along with it, there would only be a one off game instead of a two legged tie.

It’s in sharp contrast to the eight games Celtic have needed to negotiate in the recent past. The club failing to get the job done on the last few occasions.

The idea is to have as few games and travel as possible while Europe tries to manage this outbreak beyond its initial phase.

If there’s no vaccine available then going back to normal life as we knew it before is still a long way away.

Celtic would benefit greatly from these plans if they go through and it would unlock the massive bounty which goes along with playing in the competition.

As detailed by Martyn Ziegler in the Times, UEFA are planning to change their qualification rounds to the 2020-21 Champions League.

Considering the likely time limitations, UEFA plan to cut down the qualifiers significantly.

The Times note that the following motions are on the table:

– Playing one-legged qualification rounds instead of two legs

– Staging matches on neutral venues


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