NICOLA STURGEON has taken to the podium before First Minister’s Questions on Thursday at noon.

Addressing parliament she gave an update on the latest figures in Scotland and reminded the population to get both their vaccines and a booster – which is said to be the most effective against the Omicron variant – and limit their interactions with other households.

She also continued that she is exploring the possibility of a lockdown taking place. To do this she will need additional funding from the UK Government, which at the moment does not look likely.

This could potentially mean fans could be locked out of football grounds if Sturgeon gets her wish.

The Cup Final will likely go ahead with Jason Leitch seeming relaxed about the event itself, but, games in the near future may be behind closed doors.

You can rewatch her speech here.

The Government is keen to keep Christmas as normal as possible after last years disruption. Let’s hope the best outcome follows, whatever that is.


  1. In order for the scam to come to an end people must stop listening and taking advise from those who are lying.

    In other news, flu is cured.

  2. It’s almost like everyone’s cowardly obedience has only led to more restrictions..

    Footballers are collapsing (and some are dying) left, right and centre and it’s not because of any “virus”.

    Wake up, ffs!

  3. We don’t know enough about the latest variant to know how to combat it. We need to study it further. So take these 3 jabs while we work out how this wan works an’ sort oot the next barra load ah crap we’ll feed ye.

    In other news, the masked singer is back oan


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