GRAHAM SPIERS has angered Ibrox fans today after his perfect summation of Sunday’s events at Hampden.

Spiers, a former BBC pundit, described the game as ‘humiliating’ for The Rangers and that they were treated with contempt by Celtic.

Celtic dominated their Glasgow rivals on a scale that will have them hurting for some time.

They had no dig, no passion and no talent to match Celtic’s intensity and all round top performance.

The Ibrox team imploded in front of everyone’s eyes – The Rangers players trying to kick out at Celtic when nothing else was working and the dissent they showed to their own manager was outrageously amusing.

Straightforward incompetence. Well said Graham.


  1. Holt, Halliday, unfit for purpose, useless entities, not fit to watch a game let alone play in one, back to the stands morons. Dorrans, Docherty, a couple of corner boys, Morelos a buffoon, never mind a buffalo. Utter rubbish, that plays utter rubbish. He’s got a face like the back end of a buffalo. Bring them on, you’d are getting gubbed at Paradise. HH.


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