CHARLIE NICHOLAS is rolled out by Sky Sports everytime they want an opinion on Celtic.

The trouble is, Charlie Nicholas must get his news and opinions on the club from Sky Sports and then regurgitating what’s coming out from them.

The way Charlie speaks about the club and the current team, it’s quite clear his opinion is lead with tidbits of information that he picks up from various outlets rather than watching the Celtic product.

As Celtic get set to take on St Johnstone in the League Cup Quarter Final, the former Celtic striker has been wheeled out again.

Instead of giving us an up to date opinion on matters he seems to be harking back to the episode during the transfer window to base the current state of play.

Nicholas then goes one further and outright accuses Brendan Rodgers of being deeply unhappy at the club

“I like his (Brendan Rodgers) philosophy, the football he plays, which is exciting.

“I have been very pleased with his success but the honest truth is Brendan looks as if he is very unhappy with the club – not just the team, but the club.

“And a lot of players are just not playing well.”

Wow, people are paying mega subscriptions to Sky Sports for insight like this.

Brendan Rodgers said he was unhappy with the way Celtic did business in the summer and outright said so. Since then, the manager has got on with things.

Celtic have had a shaky start to the SPFL season but nothing that cannot be rectified. Well, maybe Charlie doesn’t think so because he believes the manager would rather be anywhere else than Celtic Park.

Ok Charlie boy.



  1. A sad excuse for a football pundit
    A mouth for sky who tell this clown what to say, and the lap dog just doesn’t know the difference between the truth and lies
    You know when a story has run its course, its when last to know charlie has the floor.
    A feckin muppet
    Hail Hail

  2. Said it here before but will say it again that Nicholas is a total idiot who never
    has anything positive to say about the club but I honestly have no interest in
    his opinion at all anyway.

  3. Just another muppet, there is no news so they keep bringing up this crap, know a few people who went to school with this turd,and they say he was always a wise guy,however who cares what he and sky think,hh


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