JONNY HAYES came on for Celtic in the second half of the Rennes game on Thursday night and became public enemy number one for his superb tackle on Traore.

The Irishman zeroed in on the ball and won the ball sliding in at pace. The Rennes star left his foot in and Hayes caught him with the follow through. With Rennes out of ideas the fans were desperate for another penalty shout but it rightfully never came.

Celtic came back from a goal down to gain a point in France and it could have been more if the referee wasn’t insistent on being the centre of attention.

For anyone who missed it or wants to see Jonny Hayes make the incredible tackle that upset the home fans – here it is below.

Celtic and Rennes both sit on a point each in the group and Cluj are too after beating Lazio.


  1. What a bunch of fakes and cheats Rennes are! The mighty Rennes are so typical. The goalie got a player sent off for a second yellow and wasn’t even touched by Bayo. Typical French mob, squealing of they didn’t get their own way.


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