Celtic release their 2019 Christmas advert this morning. It’s become quite the tradition for the Celtic support who no longer wait for the John Lewis ad like the rest of the population, but we wait to see what role Broony will be cast in this time!

Since 2015, the club have produced their own feel-good Christmas ads to promote their Celtic merchandise. We have had Scott Brown reading his book with a child, Paddy Roberts and Kieran Tierney in onesies posing in the Celtic shop window, Broony as scrooge, Griffiths the elf and PC Lustig reporting for duty. It’s always been a good laugh and well received.

As we get set to see this year’s effort – here’s a look back at the last four Christmas adverts in chronological order.

Our favourite is either 2018s advert or 2017. Both incorporated a lot of Celtic players and it was a good laugh.

I wonder what Neil Lennon and co will get up to this year.


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