Barry Ferguson was not immune to the meltdown coming from Ibrox since the loss to Celtic on Sunday. The former footballer even provided his own pre-match propaganda which set Steven Gerrard’s men up for a fall.

It was Ferguson in his Record column who told his adoring Ibrox public that Rangers would blow Celtic away on the day. Nothing of the sort happened and in the end, Celtic put them back in their place.

Had they won the game, they would still be waxing lyrical about how it all went down and how this would kick them on to win the league. Instead, the narrative is now, ach it’s only three points! You have to admire the sort of delusion and mental block you have to put in place to get through the day as an Ibrox fan.

The rage on Ferguson’s face when asked if the league was in doubt for Steven Gerrard’s men after the demoralising defeat.

Have a look.


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