CELTIC were left with only a point in Dingwall after a quite extraordinary penalty decision three minutes from time.

The Celtic players could not believe it when the referee pointed to the spot after Alex Schalk went down in the box with nobody near him.

Ross County scored the resulting penalty to make it 2-2 on the day.

The ridiculous decision will be played over and over for the next week and it will shame the referee, his officials and the player himself who will HAVE to be retrospectively punished for cheating.

Speaking after the game Brendan Rodgers did not mince his words and couldn’t believe the referee had pointed to the spot.


  1. Now that we have 6 in a row the SPFL referees just signalled their intent as to how they are going to work from now on in….shocking decision. Whilst you can’t condone Scott Brown’s tackle you have to ask why the ref didn’t penalise both Ross county players for challenges after the ‘penalty’ incident. Referee’s are the arbitors of our game…thos clearly was a game to far for Don Robertson…shameful stuff

  2. It might shame the player but the “officials”? No way,job done,Broonie loses the plot,misses Semi,all in all a lovely Masonic afternoon and no need to put your hands in your pockets tonight.By the way Timmy,wait till next week,you ain’t seen nothing yet!Don’t you just love the sporting integrity in Scottish football???

  3. Things like that usually even themselves out over the season but that was terrible . How the referee and the assistant don’t see that as a dive I’ll never know .. one good thing is the tails will definitely be up for next weekend

  4. Surely the powers that be must rescind Broony’s red card after the performance of the match officials at Dingwall, an absolute disgrace. Broony was fouled just before his sending off but the ref did nothing about that bad tackle which included Boyce stamping on Broony’s back.

  5. It’s really really getting out of hand the decisions these “so called referees” are awarding against us! Something has to be done diving,horrendous challenges like the one kt got could have wrecked his career, outrageous decisions that even a blind man could see, we should appeal scotts tackle was never a red card a yellow at the worst ref couldn’t wait to send him off! Even if Scott doesn’t have his red card recinded we still have far too much quality to beat the warriors or is it the wonderers of sevco hail hail ?

  6. Nothing evens itself out at anytime …… that’s just BS for the TV …. The Ref was looking for a chance to give anything against Celtic today …. because the SFA is a Corrupt Body that should be removed and a Professional Body put in it’s place ….. Brothers in Suits shouldn’t be in Charge of Professional Football anywhere . especially in Scotland , we’ve seen this all too many times before .

  7. Just as well their wasn’t anything at stake,I know it was a point dropped but could have been worse ,as long as the officials in the next 2 games give us a fair crack of the whip and we will do the rest,Still Unbeaten
    According to radio Clyde broony can still play his Sunday.☘️??

  8. That could have been the decision to end our historical run, I’m an ex senior linesman and have never seen anything as bad. He and the player should be banned in fact he should never referee again. He gave that and brother madden never gave us a stonewaller against sevco

  9. The same player if i remember right cost us a place in the funal two years ago when he had his arms round Gordon stoping him getting out for the ball blatent cheating Godon got booked Maybe hes a good ploy.?????

  10. This is the worst refereeing I’ve seen since Thierry Henry against the Republic . There are no honest mistakes here. The player Schalk, the ref and linesman all Cheated with a capital F . When Griffith was fouled against Sevco it was widely reported , the ref has to be certain. Well tell me how the officials were certain here. No , cheating as usual by Scottish offials for all the world to see.

  11. Police Scotland should arrest the officials​ for match fixing. These so called match officials are nothing more than gangsters who are distributing there bigotry against our club week in week out. Today’s officiating was nothing more than shameful. SFA HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME !!! HAIL HAIL

  12. game will be remembered bigoted desitions and not for Paddy,s wonderful goal nutmeged two defenders beating the keeper from a tight angle.Shame on all the officials.

  13. Cost me 800 quid… I had Celtic feynoord st Pauli Man U Liverpool Ajax Bremen Bordeaux and espanol to win…. cheating Cnut.

  14. Is it any wonder that the game down south laugh at our beautiful game, when you see decisions givin like that Embarrassing doesn’t even come into it. HH

  15. they will do everything in their power to stop the unbeaten run and treble and don,t be surprised at other decisions before the season ends d.o.b,s

  16. Shameful refereeing. It was clearly NOT a penalty, so is the referee saying that he was SURE? Video evidence shows is was clearly not a penalty. So the referee could not have been sure. So it should not have been awarded.

    The red card was no more than a yellow. Playback shows a hard, but not a dangerous tackle.

    We need video evidence at the games when the game has been stopped. This would help to make sure an incorrect decision was not given. Can you guess why it will be unlikely that the SFA will ever introduce technology to games?

  17. Why should I leave a reply? this blog is as corrupted as most of the Scottish football officials, I am told my post is awaiting moderation, then never appears, this has happened often in the past, hope you are proud of yourself “Celts Are Here”.

  18. I see you have put up my post this time, just tell me to stop me wasting time writing posts, are my posts going to get printed provided no rules are being broken? Are you going to stop this awaiting moderation nonsense? Just two simple answers will do.

  19. Forget trying to get into the English premier league let’s join a Europe league so as to have fair play on the field. next season we’ll be watching the referees against us rather than the football on the pitch if you didn’t know that was going to be the case when rangers were in our division you must have your head in the sand.
    Ronaldo and messi still wouldn’t get us ten in a row with this corruption in our game

  20. The ref today is only taking what the rest of his cronies started, but blatantly gave Ross County a penalty which never was! This is what we will have to watch next week against sevco, but the ref wee Willie winkie, will also make sure they get a penalty! It is free masonary and D.O.Bs doing just as they please, and getting away with it! Yes the guy that did will be up before the beaks, but the result and cheating stand! I was watching game with my wife and said to her just after her just after half time that Roberson would give them a penalty but I thought he would at least let us make a tackle! So once again the D.O Be and knuckle crackers get away with it!.. So come on Celtic let’s take a stand and make statements and show these people up for the D.O.Bs that they are! Still undefeated! Hi.H.

  21. I have never seen a linesman run straight down the tunnel so fast when the ref blew the whistle for full time.and the build up to the sending off a Celtic player was fouled in the box.the establishment is alive and kicking…….

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