LEE MCCULLOCH was in rare form during his recent interview, claiming if he was still a player at Ibrox he would not concede the title because it’s not yet a mathematical impossibility.

This is the guy who famously awarded The Rangers three points for a cup game.

The failed Kilmarnock boss is SICK of hearing so much negativity about his former club and believes a Cup win and a push for second will make everything better.

“If I was in that position in the dressing room now then I’d be thinking that we had a cup to win.

“And I’d even be thinking we could still win the league because it’s not yet mathematically impossible. And if we don’t do that then we need to finish second.”

In an ever-changing narrative to help them all sleep better at night, second has gone from being nowhere to being everything.

Not to mention that even if they somehow managed to get past Celtic in the semi final they still come up against an Aberdeen or Motherwell in the final, two teams who on their day could send them packing.

As the famous movie quote goes ‘I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue’.


  1. Why is it at this time of the year all the Inmates seemed to be allowed Access to either newspapers of microphones to Sprout their Fantasy’s.
    The ONLY way Celtic does not do 7 in a Row is if they go BANKRUPT just like the Ibrokes.
    That ain’t going to Happen because Celtic is run by Professional’s who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
    The one thing that we are Guaranteed every time a former hun player opens his mouth IS A LAUGH. HH

  2. Mr Lee Mcculloch has got a fucking cheek saying that if he remembers fine well he gave the title up in 2011-12 they were 15points infront of Celtic and they were saying its in the bag but the famous hoops caught up and took over captain lee mc wanker who tossed in the towel and blamed administration big fucking diddy hope he gets a chance to manage The new Ranjurs he can teach them how to use their elbows and get away with dirty big cheating scumhun bastard away and put ur maw out on the game ya clown..


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